Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dream Vacations During the #DogDaysOfSummer

Me: “Bentley received a special package last week and was really excited. When he opened the gift box, inside was a fabulous green and tan overnight bag. There was a card wishing him a Happy National Dog Day! It was from our friends at Personal It is absolutely adorable.”
Bentley Basset with overnight bag from Personal Creationss
"OMD! I love monograms!" 
Bentley: “Mom, don’t call it adorable.”
Me: “It is ruggedly handsome and just precious.”
Bentley: “MOM! Let me tell everyone about my overnight bag. It is a sturdy design with pockets for treats, room for toys, my drool towels, a water bowl, my leashes, collars, and any stylish bandanas that I may need. I’m thinking about taking an exciting road trip to celebrate National Dog Day on August 26. If I leave now I can still enjoy the #DogDaysOfSummer.”
Me: “Where is your dream vacation? We might want to tag along. That is the great thing about luggage. It is filled with dreams of vacations yet to come.”
Bentley: “There is a trip that I’ve been itching to take. Now, you know that I love you, but there are some places a guy just has to experience alone. The first thing I’d do is toss some things into my new monogrammed bag. Then I’d throw the bag and my board in my shiny new sports car. I’d give a whole new meaning to the Dog Days of Summer. Woo Hoo!
Basset Hound driving yellow Vette with overnight bag and surf board
"Bring on the #DogDaysOfSummer!"
   I would hit the highway and aim my wheels toward the white sandy beaches and gnarly waves of Florida. I have seen videos of surfing so I’m pretty sure that I can hang ten.
Basset Hound with red surf board on beach
"There is just something about a Beach Basset."
   Of course, I might just stand by my board flexing my muscles. They don’t call these beaches dog-friendly for nothing. From what I hear some of these places are off-leash and the dogs run around wearing nothing but their collars. I’ve seen pictures of spring breaks and it looks like a giant party. The Dog Days of Summer must be even more epic!
Basset Hound on lounge chair and wearing a lei
"I'd like a Bone Barkarita."
After a day at the beach, I would lounge around the pool in my festive party lei. It’d give me the “Good Time Bentley” look that is so attractive to the ladies. Perhaps I’ll enjoy a drink with one of those colorful umbrellas sticking out of it. Yeah, that is exactly what I’d do on my dream vacation.”
Me: “That sounds like an awesome trip. When are you leaving?”
Basset Hound looking in green overnight bag
"What kind of vacations will you discover in your personalized overnight bag?"
Bentley: “Probably soon…I have my new Personal Creations Overnight Bag. That is the main thing, the rest are just details! I just so happen to see a lot of vacations in this bag!” 

Brown paw prints separator


  1. that's a super bag! and it's YOURS! I bet this bag is the best buddy for all kind of adventures, you can ride the waves, you can fly to the moon and you can visit the Mount Everest with that bag... 4 paws for a super stylish and useful idea!

  2. That bag is so neat! Also, I love your photos so much! :D

  3. There really IS something special about a Basset surfing!! Your photos are absolutely awesome!! LOVE the bag!! The monogramming makes it very special and I'm sure Bentley has claimed it for his own!

  4. PAWsome bag! When we went on our summer holiday, the dogs packed more than me!

  5. I turned down that bag as it would be too small for all my stuff. Being a girl and all, you know I travel heavy and normally we travel with two or all three of us and we need a big bag! Yours looks very cute and your dream vacations I just love because they involve water!

  6. Bentley has the coolest stuff! Happy adventures with your new bag!

  7. What a cool gift!!!!!!! You know what? I ordered a placemat from the place you recommended (this isn't your fault), it STILL has not arrived. Not thrilled and I ordered it right after I read your blog post.


    1. UPDATE!!
      I received an email from Pride Bites and my not having received the placemat was NOT, (I repeat, NOT) their fault!!

      It was the fault of beloved UPS who lost not only my package, but another.
      Pride Bites assured me that they are making me a new placemat and will send that out to me ASAP.
      I am thrilled with their wonderful customer service and am greatly looking forward to receiving my mat.

    2. Thank you, Caren. I am sorry that it was lost in transit but thankful the awesome team at PrideBites is taking care of you. ♥

  8. Wow Bentley, what a wonderful dream vacation!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  9. That is such a great bag! And it's all yours since it has your name on it.

  10. Ah, dreams, what fun! It's funny but so many are writing about the dog days of summer now but they ended on Aug 11. Who knew? :)

  11. What a great looking bag! We love your idea of a dream vacation! Perhaps we could fit in your new bag and come along with you! BOL!

  12. Cool bag! We live in Florida, so when you come down we must have a beach day!

  13. Mom has seen that website! We must tell her that they have dog bags!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  14. What a nice bag! Your travel plans sound awesome, Bentley. The girls would love to join you!
    Jan & the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets

  15. wow what a great bag. of course my gangs dream vacation is anywhere's where they can retrieve birds.


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