Friday, February 12, 2016

Dr. Harvey’s Miracle Dog Food Pre-Mix is Canine Health

Disclaimer for Dr. Harvey's sponsored post
 Let’s face it; there are so many different dog foods on the market that it is easy to be confused. We have tried more brands and recipes than I could possibly remember. We have fed expensive prescription food from our veterinarian and grabbed a bag at the grocery store when we ran out of our regular food. 
   As a dog blogger, I am often asked to review a multitude of brands. I’ll admit that for the first year and a half, I let the boys try a wide variety of foods for sponsored posts. Most of them I liked and the dogs enjoyed. Bentley and Pierre are not finicky. Thankfully, I have become more selective about their food. That means I know the importance of reading labels, avoiding artificial preservatives, fillers, and chemicals. The more that I read and learn, the more I know that Dr. Harvey’s is the best food for my boys.
Dr. Harvey's Canine Health, a piece of beef liver, coconut oil and measuring cup of water.
For this meal, I chose to add beef liver and coconut oil.

We are currently using their Canine Health and could not be happier with the results. Dr. Harvey’s calls it The Miracle Dog Food Pre-Mix with good reasons. It has made an incredible difference in many dogs’ lives that had been suffering from stomach issues, diarrhea, allergies and kidney problems. You can download and read the actual customer testimonies in Dr. Harvey’s Book of Miracles.
Basset Hound with paws on table looking at Dr. Harvey's Canine Health do food pre-mix and liver
"It looks as if Mom has everything ready to go!"
   In our case, Bentley has allergies that lead to ear infections, paw licking and doing the booty-spinning boogie. The itching was making Bentley and me crazy! We took him to the vet and she advised that we change his diet. We began eliminating different foods from his diet to see if we could figure out the problem. It seemed chicken might be the culprit so we avoided it like the plague. Chicken, beef, and dairy are among the most common food allergies in dogs. I began feeding Dr. Harvey’s exclusively and it didn’t take long for the allergy issues to disappear! I started adding egg yolks to their food and watched to see if Bentley showed any symptoms. When he didn’t show any reactions, I added chicken livers. Guess what… absolutely no problems at all! I’m not sure what he is allergic to, but feeding Dr. Harvey’s has allowed him to ditch the itch! For me, that is my miracle.
The 4 steps in preparing Dr. Harvey''s Canine Health
   If you are a regular reader, you know that Bentley and Pierre are both at their ideal weights. I credit Dr. Harvey’s and daily walks with making the difference. At his last check-up, the vet said you very seldom see a Basset Hound with a waist like Bentley’s. I can’t tell you how proud I was to hear that.
Blue plaid dinner plate with browned beef liver and egg yolks
You should hear Pierre pacing and Bentley whining at this stage of preparation!
   I recommended Canine Health to my daughter when her pup was having some stomach problems. In her own words, “Clementine has never gotten excited about her food and was generally just picked at her meals. Now she eats like a champ and even licks the bowl clean. Sometimes more than once! Canine Health has been amazing for her sensitive tummy issues. It is the only food that she eats and we love to be able to select the proteins.”
What Makes Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health Special?
·        It is made with 100% human grade ingredients
·        Perfect for dogs with stomach issues or allergies
·        Add your own high-quality protein and oil
·        Excellent for maintaining a proper weight
·        Proper nutrition for all ages from puppies to senior dogs
·        No preservatives, salt, sugar, dyes, or artificial ingredients
·        You can add raw or cooked proteins
·        Loved by even the pickiest eaters
 List of 6 organic grains and 9 dehydrated vegetables in Dr. Harvey's Canine Health
   If you had told me a few years ago that I would be making my dogs' home cooked meals twice a day, I’d have thought you were nuts. As I always say; “When you know better, you do better.” Dr. Harvey’s has shown me a better and healthier way to feed them.      
Basset Hound watching his food being mixed
This is the part where Bentley has to supervise.
   The great thing is that it doesn’t take long to make. I brown the meats that I add or use a raw freeze-dried protein source. It is not only quick and easy; it can make a world of difference in your dog’s overall health. Dr. Harvey believes that good health begins in the kitchen and proves with all of his foods. He even offers a money-back guarantee.
Basset Hound licking his food out of bowl. "I just can't wait" meme
Give Canine Health a try and you’ll be singing the praises of The Miracle Dog Food Pre-Mix.
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  29. Our Beagle/Basset has very similar issues and we feed Raw (Darwins) so I'm always interested in another supplement to support their diet that addresses similar issues. Thank you.

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