Friday, April 22, 2016

5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Dog

   Since 1970, we have celebrated Earth Day by bringing attention to the environmental issues we all face. Great strides have taken place but there is so much more that we can all do to make a difference.
   Here are 5 Easy Ways to celebrate Earth Day with your dog:
Basset with head inside box as Westie looks on
5. Recycle
   It is so easy to rinse out your dog or cat food cans for recycling. Always use the recycle bin to throw away empty pet food bags, treat boxes, toy tags, dog shampoo bottles and delivery boxes. Check for the recycle label on products that you purchase.
West Highland White Terrier chewing on braided toy
4. Reuse old tees to make toys.
   This is a fun craft project that is super easy. All you have to do is cut an old tee shirt into strips that you braid and tie a knot on each end. I've made several but the one pictured above is from Talia’s Toys in our post, Dog Toys & Treats. It doesn't take much work to turn old tires and furniture into dog beds or outdoor fun. Follow me on Pinterest for great D.I.Y. dog crafts.
Sooty Paw Paw dog poop bag
3. Scoop your dog’s poop.
   There is no excuse not to pick up after your dog. The environmental impact is significant. Read more about it on Pick Up the Poop ~ No More Excuses. Make sure that you are using environmentally-friendly poop bags like Sooty Paw Paw. They don’t even use a plastic insert in their rolls!
Prize package of Dr. harvey's Veg-to-Bowll, Sweet Potat'ers, Coconut Smiles, Protection spray, Healing Cream and Shampoo
2. Use all-natural products.
   As an ambassador of Dr. Harvey’s, we proudly use their all-natural, organic, fresh, and holistic products. Bentley and Pierre love their Dr. Harvey's food, treats, and supplements. The dogs don’t care that the things that go in and on their bodies are earth-friendly, but I do. *Save 10% on Dr. Harvey’s products with code BFTB 531 AND enter our fabulous Spring Into Health giveaway
Women walking 2 dogs meme for Earth Day 2016
1. Enjoy a walk in nature to celebrate Earth Day 2016.
   Get outside in the fresh air and take a walk with your dog. There is always beauty in our day no matter where we  live. The fresh air and walking will do you and your best friend a world of good this Earth Day.
5 Earth Day logos in a row
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  1. Happy Earth Day! I am going to try that brand poop bag! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the cool Earth Day thoughts & ideas!

  3. Great ideas for celebrating Earth Day! We walked this morning to enjoy Mother Nature but it looks like she may dump some rain on us today. :(

  4. We must be good citizens because we do all 5 of these. But we never join noisy protests

  5. We use t shirts and socks with treats all the time. Cocoa loves them. Happy Earth Day!!

  6. We had a good walk this morning, but didn't think about Earth Day. Got the prizes in the mail today. Now Mom just has to set up the bag holder on the leash. She is excited!

  7. Happy Earth Day! (for some reason I thought Earth Day was next week! Darn, I had thought about doing a post too!) Those are great ideas and I'm happy to say that we do most of them already. Since we moved we don't have the recycling all organized yet but we'll get there!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  8. We did some of these today! We went for a run. Mom scooped my poops and dad scooped Stanley's. Then me and Stanley really celebrated by getting muddy! Happy Earth Day!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Happy Earth Day!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  10. Check, check, check, check and Triple Check!! Great advice guys, we followed it all!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  11. Great tips! We recycle whenever possible. 'Specially boxes...but only when we're done playing with them. Happy Earth Day!

  12. Excellent post with great ideas.

  13. I love all your ideas to celebrate Earth Day! I always recycle Pet food cans & sturdy food bags. I'll have to try the t shirt toy idea, very cool!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  14. You're on the ball and were prepared for Earth Day.

  15. Happy Earth Day! I'm off to check out Dr Harvey.

    Love ya lots♥

  16. Happy Earth Day! A little belated!

  17. pawesome, pawesome tips! Hope you had a great Earth Day! DakotasDen

  18. 5 great tips, i planted a tree for earth day.

  19. We're down with ALL of that, except maybe the nature walk.

    Well, actually, we're down with the nature walk, too -- just not the LEASH (MOL!).


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