Friday, April 8, 2016

Pick Up the Dog Poop ~ No More Excuses

   Let’s face the facts; there will always be people that refuse to pick up after their dogs. It is annoying, irresponsible and illegal in many areas. Why do some people refuse to scoop their dog’s poop? I am sure there is a myriad of excuses but not a single legitimate reason.

 The following are NOT acceptable excuses:
Picking up dog poop with a Sooty Paw Paw bag.
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It’s just dog poop, what’s the big deal?
   Did you know that the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirms pet waste can spread parasitic worms, parvovirus, and salmonella?  Pet waste is classified as a dangerous pollutant.
Blister pack of Sooty Paw Paw Dog poop bags
Photo courtesy of Sooty Paw Paw
I don’t want to get my hands nasty.
   Yuck! Who does? That is why here on the Bayou, we depend on Sooty Paw Paw® Poop Bags. They are durable and leak-proof with plenty of room for the big jobs. The patented dispenser design makes sure only one bag pulls out at a time. No more trying to rewind bags through a tiny hole while walking. When you tie off the Sooty Paw Paw bag, the smell stays inside the bag. Read more about them in "Dog Poop Happens."
M. K. Clinton and her Basset Hound crossing a bridge
The rain will wash it away, so it’s okay.
   Rainfall washes dog waste into the water system where it gets in the drinking water, and swimming water. Pet waste is considered a dangerous pollutant, it is NOT fertilizer. Taking a walk along the rivers, lakes, and oceans is a wonderful way to spend time with your dog. Be sure that all you leave behind are your foot and paw prints.
One orange and one green The Fitfh Paw leash attachment
Photo courtesy of The Fifth Paw
I don’t want to walk down the street carrying a bag of dog poop.
   Relax; you don’t have to carry dog bags anymore. The Fifth Paw® is a leash attachment that carries the used bags for you. It fits easily to most standard ½” and 1” flat leashes. You’ll wonder how you ever did without The Fifth Paw. I find it difficult to express how much I love this product. I wrote about it in my post, "The Fifth Paw Receives High Fives."
M. K. Clinton and her Basset Hound walking on trail
It’s a public park, it’s someone’s job to pick it up.
   The truth is it’s the person holding the leash’s job to pick up their pooch’s poo. I have been to a park where they provide bags and receptacles yet there were still walkers that did not use them. Sooty Paw Paw dispensers will fit on a belt, pants or leash so it is easy to always have a bag at your fingertips. The bags are available on Amazon in a blister pack of 20 with dispenser for $9.90 or a box of 1,000 bags plus dispenser for $25.90
Westie and Basset sniffing fire hydrant
I’m not picking up my dog’s mess. My neighbor’s dog comes in our yard to do its business all of the time!
   I hate to sound like your mom, but two wrongs don’t make a right. Sure, it is aggravating when other people are not responsible pet neighbors. Maybe you can be a positive influence on them. Keep your neighborhood clean of dog feces. Parasite eggs can linger in the soil long after the pile is history. That is unhealthy for humans and pets.
Yellow and blue diamond leash design with poop bag dispenser and attachment
No more excuses! Let's have a CONTEST!!
   Thanks to Sooty Paw Paw and The Fifth Paw, you can win my two favorite leash attachments. A Sooty Paw Paw blister pack with dispenser full of bags and The Fifth Paw is going to make someone's walking, hiking, or running with their best friend so much easier.
Leash with Sooty Paw Paw dispenser and The Fifth Paw attachment
*PrideBites leash is not included in contest.
    Official Rules: No purchase necessary. Contest open to U.S. residents age 18+. Void where prohibited by law. Prizes worth approximately $25 and may not be substituted. Delivery of prizes is the responsibility of Sooty Paw Paw and The Fifth Paw. The odds of winning depends on the number of qualifying entries. The winner will have 48 hours to respond or another name will be selected via Rafflecopter.
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  1. Omg. There is NO EXCUSE for not picking up your dog's poo. This sh** drives me crazy, no pun intended. We always pick up our pugs' nougies. It's just wrong to leave them in someone else's yard and no different than littering. I see it all the time in my mom's neighborhood and I'm like WTH is wrong with people? Huge pet peeve of mine! I even got my mom a sign to put in her yard to scoop the poop! Haha.

    1. I want to post a sign on one of our walking paths. It is so beautiful and some people don't pick up after their dogs. It is a health hazard for my dogs. It is one of my pet peeves too. Be sure to enter the contest.

  2. I would politely ask them to please pick up. If I was walking my dogs I would offer them a poopy bag.


  3. One of my biggest pet peeves! Great post! Everyone should pick up after their pup!

  4. yes no more eggs-cuses... today my daddy had the sign of good luck on his feet... fortunately it is easy to clean sh*tty espadrillos, you only have to open the trashcan... but it stinks to have that mines everywhere...literally :o)

  5. Nothing gets my dander up more than people who refuse to pick up after their dogs. Two offenders left 'presents' in our yard this past week even though I provide bags for public use not more than 20 ft. away! Grrr. What is wrong with people?? These both look like great products for your contest. Outstanding!

  6. You touched on our biggest pet peeve too and countered all the excuses we have heard.

  7. There is no excuse not to pick up.

  8. WE totally AGREE.... there is NEVER a reason for LEAVING LAWN LOGS where they LAY.

  9. A perfect giveaway. Mom is not happy when poop is not picked up
    Lily & Edward

  10. Love the fifth paw. I got one too.

  11. We were picking up our dogs' poop in the late 70's and 80's before it was a real trend in the USA. To this day, even without dogs, I will remind anyone who allows their dog to poop and not pick it up.

  12. We've told people to pick up before. I really need a fifth paw for our leashes!

  13. Our pawrents always pick up our poops. They love them! We would love to give mom a 5th Paw for her birfday next month.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. I'd ask that they pick it up. It drives me crazy when people don't pick up after their pets, it takes like 5sec.

  15. We would tell them to pick up after their pet. Our pawrents always clean up after us they should too
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  16. Such a great PSA!! We would offer someone one of our poop bags, if we saw someone getting ready to just leave and not pick up their pets deposit :-)

  17. Pawesome PSA, we agree! Loved the "I am not your mother"1 ;-)

  18. There's nothing worse than finding a pile of dog poop in the grass. No, stepping in it would be worse. ;)

  19. YES!! Even at the dog park where they provide bags some people do not pick up the poop. I do not understand. I always have poop bags and treats in my pockets!!

  20. If I am at the dog park I say something to them. If they are randomly on the street I just give them a dirty look.

  21. We don't frequent a lot of parks where there is a problem thankfully. We always make sure to pick up after the dogs when we are there.

  22. People are so weird about this. When I volunteered to walk dogs at Stray Rescue of St. Louis they had signs EVERYWHERE telling us to pick up poop, the businesses around the shelter were nice enough not to ban us from their grass as long as it got picked up. I'd end up picking up my dog's plus several others every time. One business did end up banning us from using their grass. It made me so mad since those businesses were so cool to us all they asked was we don't leave crap all over!

  23. Yup, we always carry poop bags! No excuses!

  24. I would offer them a bag of mine. If they still didn't pick it up, I would explain that it is part of our laws in our small town.

  25. We would ask them to pick up after their dog and offer them one of our bags if needed.

  26. I would politely offer them one of my poop bags. There are so many people who don't pick up after their dogs in my neighborhood so much that it's not enjoyable to even walk my dogs. I am always cleaning up after others and it's frustrating!

  27. No excuse not to pick up, we would ask them to pick up.

  28. I would offer them one of our bags.


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