Thursday, December 27, 2018

3 Ways to Calm Your Dog's Anxiety

   In Bentley’s world, the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve go from Peace on Earth to OH NO!! WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!!!
   I’m talking about fireworks. Those fun and beautiful pyrotechnics are absolutely terrifying to him. There is not a lot you can do about others celebrating with fireworks but there are a few things you can do to help your dog.
   We have used all these products with Bentley during thunderstorms and fireworks. His anxiety level can get pretty high and includes pacing, panting, trying to climb in our laps or bathtub. Over the years I have found using them together to be a winning combination.
Basset hound resting with Dr. Harvey's Relax
   Dr. Harvey’s Relax
   Dr. Harvey formulated this whole food supplement using a combination of wild-crafted and organic herbs. In addition to its calming effect, Relax provides essential vitamins and minerals that dogs need.
   These all-natural ingredients are gentle enough to use every day to help calm your dog without any harmful side effects. It is a powder that can be added into their food. All of Dr. Harvey’s products are made in the U.S.A. and are cruelty-free. As a fellow animal lover, I know that is important to you.
The Bayou Boys looking at Treatibles treat
• Treatibles
   Treatibles was the first company to offer pet products infused with full spectrum hemp oil. Their mission is a simple one; promote harmony for the whole family® through the happiness and health of each pet.
   The company was founded in 2008 using superior ingredients sourced and produced in the USA. Treatibles’ full spectrum oil comes from their own organic hemp fields in four states. They work with master cultivators and have developed a proprietary formula containing a blend of naturally occurring compounds to produce an extremely distinct oil. Whether you choose Treatibles chews, oil, or gel caps, they are all virtually free of THC. Your pet is not going to get high from any of these products.
Basset hound wearing Thundershirt
• Thundershirt
If you have never used a *ThunderShirt to relieve your pet’s stress, it works the same way swaddling a baby calms them down. The constant pressure helps with anxiety, fear, and over-excitement. It has an over 80% success rate and comes with a money-back guarantee.
*Full disclosure, I am an affiliate for Dr. Harvey’s and Treatibles. One of the reasons that I am an affiliate with these two awesome companies is because their products work for Bentley. You can save 10% on orders to both companies when you use my discount code and I will receive a commission from the sale. The Thundershirt is also an affiliate link to Amazon.


  1. that are very good ideas... and I wish no one would make loud noises in that new years night...a big YAY! to all breton people who eat&drink butt without fireworks that night...

  2. Forgive the pun, but you do seem to have it all covered when it comes to all those horrid bangs pops and booms that humans like so very much. So nice to know that the consumables are really up to the mark production wise, too.

  3. Thankfully, New Years isn't as bad as the 4th of July here because it's freezing outside. I hate fireworks! Great ideas, guys!

  4. Hopefully they will keep the boomers to a minimum around your house.

  5. Here's hoping the stress is kept to a minimum this howliday season. Happy 2019.

  6. I hope that you are having a calm time. Thanks for the suggestions!

  7. Bentley you are making quite a fashion statement sporting your thunder shirt. Very dashing
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. I wish more community leaders would consider using silent fireworks! I personally don't like the 'war' aspect of them, and I know that those suffering from PTSD find the noise to be unbearable. Silence is golden.

  9. We are big fans of Treatibles, they do a great job of settling him during car rides!

  10. Luckily new year's stays pretty quiet around here. But we deal with target shooting from our neighbors and things like that all the time. We've found some other things that help, but I think I will add that Relax to our arsenal for trying in the future.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  11. We will never understand the mentality of people who think firecrackers are cool. My dogs don't seem to mind as much as I do.

  12. Glad you found something to help. We are lucky it is too cold for most to do fireworks for New Year's.


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