Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Fabulous Furballz

goDog multi-color Furballz
Bentley: “The Bayou Boys love a good toy. One of our favorites has to be the Furballz from the amazing goDog® division of Worldwise. They make the best most durable toys that we have ever tried and believe me, we have more toys than most pet shops! (Pssst...Don’t tell Mom I said that, or she might get some silly idea about clearing out the toy box)"
*We received our goDog Furballz in exchange for an honest review. GoDog and Propel Communications are not responsible for the content of this article. 
Dog looking at multi-colored Furballz
Bentley: "Actually, this is not our first Furballz. We have owned the classic small orange Furballz for over three years and it still looks great. The problem is with Pierre. He LOVES that ball and will steal it from me. That is why I asked for this super cool multi-colored Furballz for my birthday. Surely he won’t try to take this one too.”
two dogs and one Furballz
Pierre: “Hey, Bentley! I noticed that you have a new Furballz. I’m sure you don’t mind if I toss it around for a bit, do you?”
Bentley: “Yeah, that’s not going to happen. This Furballz is mine! You go fetch the orange one and leave my psychedelic ball alone.”
Basset with colorful Furballz in his mouth
 Bentley: “Guess I showed him who was boss around here. Even though I know he can’t tear these Furballz up because they are made with Chew Guard Technology™. That means goDog added an incredibly tough, durable liner to each of their toys. Pierre has played tug o’ war super hard and has never put a hole in our Furballz. That’s not to say he hasn’t given it the ol’ Westie try. He has but goDog toys are just that tough!”
Basset holding Furballz toy
Bentley: “Let me just say this…if you are looking for one toy that will make your best friend happy this Christmas morning, fetch them a Furballz. There is just something about the feel of this fur and the loud squeak that I love. In case you are wondering, the fur does not pull out. I’ve tried and Pierre’s tried but we both still have very furry balls!

   The price will make Santa smile too. Furballz are available in a variety of colors on Amazon. They are also qualified for PRIME free shipping! Follow goDog on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for contests, new toys and much more!
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  1. we think we would have a dispute about THE one furball... even when we had 87 or so...

  2. They really do look so cool, and indestructible too! That is a real plus for any doggie who like to chew and play tug-o-war. Now if only they did cat toys like that, in mouse brown, MOL
    Toodle pips

  3. We still have our purple and chartreuse Furballz! Mackie loves them when he comes to visit, which BTW, he is coming today to have his furs groomed.

  4. I bought Bailie an orange one for her birthday. She loves to run around the house with the huge ball in her mouth, squeaking it non stop. Sometimes she rips the fur out too, which is naughty, but she loves that ball. Yours is very cute in the colorful model.

  5. Dat are one pawesome Furballz!! We hope you had da bestest Birthday efur Bentley :)

    Matt & Matilda

  6. I absolutely adore that photo of Bentley with his toy in his mouth. Waaay too cute!

  7. Wow! That looks like a great toy! But I have yet to find an indestructible squeaky toy.

  8. Bentley that fuz ball was having a bad hair day for sure. I bet your glorious Basset slobber worked like mousse on it.
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. OK, we have to have one of those too. We are going to send Mom off to Amazon right now.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. You answered my question--I imagined a house full of colored fur

  11. Love the colors on that! You definitely need to keep that one to yourself, Bentley. :)
    Jan & the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets

  12. Nice to know the fur does not pull out, that would be a concern for mom. Sure looks like a fun toy
    Hazel & Mabel

  13. I gots me one of those! It's not the FABulous techocolor one, butts it's still super funs!
    Ruby ♥

  14. That looks pretty dang fun! Bentley, we especially love the photo of you with that Furballz in your mouth!

  15. What a colorful ball ! It looks like tons of fun ! Purrs

  16. That toy has me in fits of giggles. It look amazing! Does it glow in the dark>


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