Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Little Eatz~Big Taste and a Terrific Dog

When I ordered my first PetBox for Bentley and Pierre, I chose some tasty treats for them to try.  One of those treats was a bag of Little Eatz Gourmet Cinnamon Crunch Cookies.  The moment that I opened the bag, I was impressed.  The smell of cinnamon hit my nose about the same time that it hit Bentley’s and both of our mouths began to water.  Mmmm, cinnamon!
I offered one to my drooling Basset Hound sitting at my feet, while Pierre began performing his routine of tricks.  They woofed theirs down and was eager to try just one more to make sure that they loved it.  That was the same time I read something on the bag that shocked me.  We can both eat the Little Eatz treats!  I’ll let Bentley and Pierre tell you their version the story.
Bentley:  “Hey Mom!  What in the heck are you doing?  Wait, don’t eat that cookie, it’s for us dogs!”
Pierre:  “Papaw!!  Get in here quick!  Gramma is eating our treats.  I thought she was on a diet.  Hurry Papaw…she just ate another one!”
Me:  “Both of you boys cool your heels.  It says right here that people can eat them too.”
Bentley:  “Well, I guess since we can’t read the bag from down here, you could be trying to trick us.  I suppose that you’ll be trying to mooch our dinner next.  Dad, I think Mom
has taken this dieting thing too far.  She is eating our new treats.”
Pierre:  “I would like to try one, too.  Don’t forget about me standing down here looking sweet and innocent.  Look, I’m doing my spin around trick!  Thanks.  Hey, these ARE yummy.”
Me:  “They are great!  How cool is it that we can share cookies together?”
Bentley:  “Personally, I like having my treats and then begging for yours.  This is throwing the whole human/dog thing off kilter.  Do you eat other dog food that we don’t know about?
Me:  “Okay, so I ate Milk Bones as a kid…I mean, who didn’t?  Nevertheless, look baby; these are baked especially for us to share.  Let me tell you the story.  A couple by the name of Sean and Melissa adopted a 12-week old Pug in rural Kentucky.  They named him Winston and like I used to do, they fed their little furry friend table scraps and shared their treats with him.”
Bentley:  “Good folks, right?  All dogs love to eat what their people are eating.”
Pierre:  “Did someone tell them that is a no-no?  Y’all eat some stuff that isn’t healthy for our doggy bodies.  Like chocolate, sugary foods, and even some fruits are dangerous to us dogs.  I’ll bet Winston was miffed at not being given table food anymore.”
Me:  “You are partially right, Pierre.  They did realize that feeding Winston wasn’t a good idea, but they still enjoyed sharing food with him.  I’m sure that he is like you two pouring on those pitiful mistreated looks when we don’t share with you.  Winston wasn’t mad though.  His parents decided to investigate the things people eat that are also good for Winston.  After a lot of research, they came up with a tasty recipe that they could enjoy and share with him.”
Bentley:  “Winston is one lucky Pug.  His parents made cookies for them to share and you give me carrots and bananas.  I’m not complaining, because I do love me some carrots and bananas.  Clearly, I like cookies better.”
Pierre:  “Duh!  Cookies are a no-brainer Bentley.”
Me:  “That first bag of cookies went pretty fast.  They were really delicious.  I will have to order more in our next PetBox.  Oohh look, they make a Perfect Peanut Butter flavored cookie!”
Bentley:  “WooHoo!  Peanut butter is so good, but it makes me talk funny.  It sticks to the roof of my mouth.  That’s kinda gross and makes me lick like a dog possessed.”
Pierre:  “What if PetBox doesn’t have them anymore?  This could be serious Gramma.  Let’s fire up the laptop and see if we can get more in our next box.  Get all the flavors!  Please tell me they still have some.”
Me:  “Yep, they are still available in two of their three flavors.  The Carob Chip isn’t on this month’s selection, but I will order the other two.”
Pierre:  “What’s a carob?  It sounds like a person with their nose stopped up trying to say carrot.  Are they carrot cookies?”
Me:  “No, carob is non-fleshy bean that is considered a fruit because of its sweetness.  It is similar to the taste of chocolate, but isn’t bad for you boys like chocolate.  People who give chocolate to their dogs are playing Russian Roulette with the dog’s health.  As much as Daddy loves chocolate, he won’t give it to y’all.  We want to try these!”
Pierre:  “What will we do Gramma?  PetBox doesn’t have them!  I think chocolate smells wonderful and I’d love to taste a healthy alternative.  If we get Carob Chip cookies, I’d share them with Papaw.  He gives me treats, because I am Papaw’s little boy!”
Bentley:  “You are my sister’s little boy which makes me your uncle.  Daddy spoils you because it is in the Grandparents Handbook.  It’s like a law that they spoil you.  Besides, I’m his Little Man and Mom’s Baby so pffft!”
Pierre:  “Papaw!  Bentley is blowing raspberries at me.  Tell him that I am “Papaw’s little boy.  Gramma, you don’t just love me cuz I’m your granddog, do ya?”
Me:  “Bentley, don’t tease Pierre.  You know how sensitive his feelings are sometimes.  Pierre, of course, we love you because you’re an awesome Westie.  It is just an extra blessing that you are our granddog.  We’d love you no matter what.  Now, let’s get back to the review.  Why don’t you tell our friends what ingredients are used to bake Little Eatz Gourmet Cookies?”
Bentley:  “Sorry Pierre, you know that I love you too.  Hand me down that bag so I can read the ingredients.  Thanks.  Hey, there is a lot of good stuff in these tasty treats.  It has four ingredients that are considered among the healthiest foods in the world.  They use evaporated organic cane juice, which is much better than processed sugar.  They use whole grain oats, applesauce, canola oil, cinnamon, and vanilla extract.  Plus, they use unbleached flour so you still get vitamin B, but no chemicals.  These babies don’t just taste incredible, but they are good for us!  Since I love you, I won’t point out that you ate more of them than I did, just saying.  Guess what Mom did after we ate those Little Eatz Gourmet Cinnamon Crunch Cookies?  She contacted the owners to tell them how much we all loved them.”
Pierre:  “What did they say?  Does Winston want us to come visit him and smell those cookies baking?  Can you imagine how much that you would drool if you smelled those in
the oven?  I’d need galoshes on my feet to keep them from getting soaked.”
Bentley:  “Oh, you are just the little furry comedian, aren’t you?  No, they didn't invite us to visit but the couple whose last name is Little, offered to send us one of each flavor of their cookies!  How sweet is that?  I can’t wait!”
Me:  “Well, here’s the thing boys…I ordered us some more of the Cinnamon Crunch and Perfect Peanut Butter Gourmet cookies from our friends at PetBox.  The three bags that the awesome Little Eatz family is offering will be used for a giveaway to one of our readers!”
Pierre:  “You mean like in a contest?  Can I enter 500 times?  I’d really like to try the Carob Chip flavor.”
Me:  “No, you can’t enter.  I will order you some of the carob-flavored cookies.  Each bag is only $3.99.  At that price, I’ll order all three flavors again!  How will that be?”
Pierre:  “I guess that will be fine.  I do like to give away prizes like Pat Sajak and Vanna White.  Can I make up some puzzles for our readers to solve?”
Me:  “No, we will do a Rafflecopter giveaway.  That way, it’s easy to enter and everyone has a fair chance.  It’s the best way to do things.”
Bentley:  “Melissa and Sean Little along with Winston have very big hearts to share these cookies with our readers.  Did you notice that you have the same name as the lady?  Are y’all sisters?”
Me:  “No, there are a lot of people named Melissa.  There are other dogs named Bentley, but you aren't related to them either.  That is usually determined by a person’s last name.  Ours is Clinton not Little.”
Bentley:  “Dang, why can’t we be kin to them?  We could go visit and they could give us their secret recipe for the cookies and samples, lots and lots of samples!”
Pierre:  If we were to do that, Gramma would totally blow her diet.  The humans would probably eat them in front of us while drinking coffee.  If we could pass ourselves off as Pugs then maybe Winston would think that we are his brothers.  I’m always thinking of ways to get an edge.”
Me:  “You two boys are hopeless!  Hey, the deliveryman is here with your PetBox.  Let’s go get the box; it has two more bags of Little Eatz Gourmet Cookies!”
Bentley & Pierre:  “Yay!  More Little Eatz Cookies!  Let’s try the Perfect Peanut Butter cookies first!”
All three of us:  “Mmmm!  These are delicious.  we give them five paws up!”
Bentley:  “Grab both bags and let’s share them while we watch The Fox and the Hound!  That would make for a perfect afternoon together.”
Pierre:  “Papaw, come watch the movie with us!  We have Perfect Peanut Butter cookies.  My Papaw loves peanut butter.”
Me:  “Okay, y’all go get on the couch while I tell our friends how to enter our giveaway.  Save me some cookies!”

We are happy to be able to share these delicious cookies with one lucky reader.  All you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below.  It’s easy peasy!  You and your fur baby will love the taste of the cookies.  There is nothing as fun as knowing you are sharing something healthy together.
**Barking from the Bayou received no compensation for this review.  Our Little Eatz bags of cookies were included in our PetBox and not from the Little Eatz Company.  The great folks at Little Eatz agreed to send my winning reader a bag of each flavor, so don’t forget to enter!
My Little Eatz review is part of the Tasty Tuesday blog hop hosted by Kol’s Notes and Sugarthe Golden Retriever.  Thanks so much for hosting this tasty hop!

We are also joining Dog N Pawz for Tuesday’s Tails.  This hop features adoptable pets from shelters across the country.  Please hop and share these wonderful dogs and cats to help find them a forever family.  Bindi is waiting for someone to call her own at Petsavers in Shreveport.

**On a personal note, I am heartbroken at the news that one of my readers passed away
Tom and Jonny
yesterday.  Tom Connor became a friend after he wrote a review for my first book, The Returns.  He was kind enough to allow me to use his beautiful review on the back cover of my book in print.  Tom was a wonderful man and a loving pet owner.  His sweet 15-year-old Papillon, Dijon (Jonny) has been waiting for him at the Rainbow Bridge for four years.  I know that Jonny ran to greet him and they are now two brilliant shining stars, together again.  He was also a close friend of my brother, Allen for over 35 years.  He will be greatly missed by all who were fortunate enough to know him.  I send my deepest sympathy to all of his family and friends.  God bless you, Tom Connor.

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  1. We are so sorry for your loss.

  2. If Mommy's going to eat your treats, then you better order a truck load of them... :)

    Very sorry to hear of your loss. Our deepest sympathy to his family.

  3. LOL - adorable review! Here at our house it is the Dog Daddy that tastes some of the dog treats :-) Those really do sound good.

    Bindi is gorgeous! Thanks for participating in the hop. I'll be sharing.

    And so sorry for the loss of your friend.

  4. Sorry for the loss of your friend, such sad news.

  5. Oh Melissa, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I never really know what to say about these things, just know that i'm always here for you! May he rest easy.

    I loved your review! You did a great job! It's really cool how we can eat the treats to!!!
    Oh and BTW I clicked on one of your photos to blow it up a bit, and noticed your shirt!!!!!! You have a shirt with your blog stuff on it?!?!?!? How cool is that!!!!!! LOVE it!!!!!
    And grrrrr to the giveaway, U.S only! BOL always!!!
    Good luck to all who enters though. :)

    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  6. I'm so sorry about your friend. Thinking about you and your family.

    Those treats look yummy and Bindi is beautiful. Thanks for joining the hop and I'm off to share!

  7. This is awful! First I had to share wabbit treats with my cat bro Bert last month and now I should share with Mom plus I have two sisters. A travesty! I will enter to win anyway as if you like them, I know I will. Maybe I can hide them from Mom?

  8. I wish comments could be edited as my paw always hits that enter key too soon! So sorry about your friend passing. So very sad. Hug Bentley, it will make you feel a bit better and leave some tears on him, he won't mind.

  9. Death of a friend is always so sad, but we guess is part of life. We are sorry for your loss.

    Bindi deserves a good home with deserving humans.

  10. Hope Bindi gets a home and I am ever so sorry about your friend. So glad you have his review on the back of your book. Peace and hugs.

  11. Those treats sound DEEEEELISH! They need more meat, though. ;)

    I'm awfully sorry for your loss. Losing a friend is hard. (((HUGS)))

  12. Oh we did not get to try those treats in our PetBox but they do sound tasty. So sorry for the loss of your friend too :(

  13. I hope Bindi finds his forever home. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are wonderful dogs. I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your reader.

  14. I sure do hope Bindi gets to go home soon, she looks like a real sweetie. I am very sorry to hear about your friend Tom. You can sure tell he was an animal lover by the way he looks at his sweetie.

  15. I have had the Little Eatz peanut butter cookies. Loved them! So did the dogs : )

  16. Sorry to hear about your friend. Hope Bendi finds he forever home soon.
    Oh PAWsome tasty treat from your PetBox :-) I've never given Sugar any treats with carob ... just carrots :-) Happy Tasty Tuesday. Golden Woofs

  17. I love the pug on those cute cookies, we have had them before and good luck to Bendi

    retro rover

  18. What a great review, and these cookies sound super. I love the idea of cookies we can all share, especially cinnamon, which is my favorite. The dogs love it too.
    I am so sorry about your friend....at least it is comforting to think of him reunited with his Jonny.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


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