Monday, March 10, 2014

B is for Basset

   Those of you that make regular stops to the Bayou know that I am the proud pet mom of a six-year old Basset Hound named Bentley.  I could fill a book on how special he is to
me and what joy he brings into my life each day.  I’ve already filled two books with him as an FBI agent.  Instead, I thought that I’d share some Basset Basics with you.  I referred to the wonderful book, The Basset Hound written by Bobbye Land for facts.  It is a fabulous book for anyone thinking about or already living with a Basset.

   The Basset Hound was developed centuries ago in France.  The name “Basset” comes from bas, the French word for low.  They are scent hounds, so they were bred to stand low to the ground.  They are excellent hunters of game such as
"I may be short, but I can
still play "Basset-Ball."
rabbit, fox, badger, squirrel, and pheasant hiding in heavy ground cover.  Bentley enjoys an occasional squirrel chase, he would love to go a few rounds with a possum, and he can track a turtle.           
 Unfortunately, he has also sniffed out a few snakes.  The snake alert bark is very distinct.  As nosey as Bentley is, he seems to know not to get close to a snake.  I won’t test that theory, we watch him while he’s outside.  He is not a fan of gunfire or firecrackers so hunting is not his forte’.
Here are a few more facts on the Basset Hound with commentary by Bentley and yours truly.
1.     In trailing ability, the accuracy of a Basset’s nose is second only the Bloodhound.
Bentley: “This is why I never get to go out by myself.  Once I pick-up a scent, it is total tunnel vision until I find the culprit or the scent fades.  I’m a four-legged sniffing machine!”
My favorite coffee cup.
  2.    Bassets are mainly used in the U.S. for hunting rabbits.
Bentley: “Bunnies beware!  I do a great job keeping rabbits, rhinoceroses, polar bears, and monsters out of my backyard.”
Me: “Bentley, we don’t have any of those creatures in our yard.”
Bentley: “And you’re welcome!”
  3.    A Basset Hound’s leg bones are the heaviest of any breed, any size.
Bentley: “Anyone wanna paw wrestle?  I’ve been trying to tell you that I’m the perfect weight.  I just have fat bones”
Me: You still don’t get extra treats.”
Bentley: “My ears weigh a lot too ya know.  Sigh.”
4.    Shakespeare described Bassets with “Ears which sweep away the morning dew.”
Bentley: “Hey Mom, I want you to start describing my crusty ears like Shakespeare.  My ears are simply sweeping away the mud.”
Me: “Shakespeare probably didn’t have to soak the ends of his Basset’s ears after playing.  Do you want to tell them about what happened to your ears the other day?  You do remember when you were trying to snatch the treat bag?  How am I supposed to get warm scented wax off your ears?”
Bentley: “Daddy told ya that was gonna happen.  You put the scent warmer on the fireplace hearth.  It was very irresponsible of a pet mom.  Did you learn anything?  I notice that you do always turn off the shredder.  That’s a lesson that I don’t want to teach you by accident!  Ouch!”
5.    Some historians believe George Washington owned Basset Hounds that were given to him by Lafayette after the American Revolution.
Bentley: “That’s why I think that he should be on the million dollar bill!”
Me: “They don’t print million dollar bills.”
Bentley: “Well, if they ever do, my new favorite President should be front and center.  Do you think I’m descended from one of Washington’s Bassets?  Good old Great, great, great, great, grandfather George.”
6.    Basset Hounds shed more than some other breeds.  A daily brushing with a shedding blade will help control the loose hair.
Me: “I can vouch for that fact.  You shed constantly.”
Bentley: “Well, just think how rich you’ll be when Basset hair becomes in high demand.”
Me: “Do you think that is going to happen?  I can FURminate another entire dog from you every couple of days.”
Bentley:  I don’t have a timeframe exactly.  Someone sold Rottweiler slobber on EBay once.  I’m just sayin…”

7.    Basset Hounds could be considered a stubborn breed.
Bentley: “Well, that is a complete load of malarkey!  I am NOT the least bit
stubborn.  The very idea!”
Me: “You can be a wee bit stubborn at times.  For instance, when you take my spot on the couch and refuse to move.
Bentley: “It’s a super comfy spot and if I’m sitting there then you obviously weren’t.  Finders keepers, losers sit somewhere else.  That’s not stubborn, that’s just a rule of life.  I don’t make the rules, I just follow them.”
Me: “How about when you won’t come inside when I call you?”
Bentley: “I am still busy sniffing and barking at the neighbors.  It’s my job.  Are you going to call me stubborn for doing my job?  Sheesh!”
Me: “So you’re telling me when I think you are being stubborn you’re really just doing the right thing.  That’s an interesting take on things.”
Bentley: “Yep, I’m not stubborn, I’m just always right.”
Me: “Well, that information should give our readers some insight to the fabulous breed of dog known as the Basset Hound for one day.  Is there anything else that you’d like to add?”
Bentley: “Yes ma’am.  I want to tell everyone that for some reason I can’t comprehend, there are a bunch of Basset Hounds living in shelters and Basset Hound Rescues.  If anyone is interested in having a great guy (or gal) like me, please learn about my breed.  Check at your local facilities and consider giving a new life to a Basset without a home.  Basset Hounds aren’t for everyone, but we make fantastic, funny, and very lovable best friends.”
Me: “Truer words were never written.  You are the perfect dog for your daddy and me.  Thanks for your help with today’s post.  You seem to quickly becoming Bentley the Blogging Basset.”
Bentley: “I am quickly becoming starving Bentley.  Let’s eat we can write more about Bassets another day.  Bye y’all!”


  1. We have some things in common, like heavy long ears that hang in everything and get crusty. Mom thins the fur on my ears which makes them feel better and she is always combing out the crusty stuff on the ends. I don't shed, though. She has to strip my coat. I have a great nose too, but I doubt our breed is ranked since we aren't real common. Nice to learn more about you and the letter B in GBGV.

  2. Hahaha! I did not know that about their leg bones. I don't know if you're familiar with The Pioneer Woman, but I love her recipes, and she regularly posts pics of her two Bassets on her website as well.

  3. I think Bentley has an answer for everything. Please let me know if Labrador fur is going to be in high demand too and I will start saving it.

  4. wow! Great post Melissa!!! I loved learning more about Bassets!
    I have never known to much about them, so thanks for sharing the info!
    BTW love Bentley's photo on the bills!!! hahaha!!! I pinned those to pinterest!! Using your brand new spectacular buttons of course! haha!! Hope you had a great weekend!

    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  5. I just LOVE Basset Hounds. They are so adorable. There used to be another blogger who wrote about Basset Hounds and I used to LOVE her blog. Sadly, she doesn't blog any longer.

  6. I do love their sad little faces. I think what you call stubborn may be that the Basset Hound knows how things should go down better than the humans around him. Just a matter of convincing them.

  7. Mom loves Basset Hounds. Did you know there is a Southern mystery series written with a Basset named Elvis as the main character? Written by Peggy Webb the first is called Elvis and the Dearly Departed. They are great! You guys might enjoy them!
    Marty's Mom

  8. Thank you for sharing the basset hounds with us. Bentley you can come hunt pheasants with me anytime.

  9. We luv bassets - momma has had four of them! Dey's da sweetest pups round.

  10. I think number 3 is pretty interesting. It's amazing how strong their bones are. Something I always thought was pretty cool. They are very sturdy dogs and much bigger than one might imagine I think.

  11. I've got a soft spot for Bassett Hounds. My cousin used to call them "Blessed Hounds" when he was little. We had a Bassett named Pansy when I was growing up. She wandered in through our cat door because our neighbors were not feeding her . They never did come looking for "Snoopy" even though they were well aware that she had moved in with us.

  12. We BOYZ loved # 2 and Allie is going to SO use #3 against Mommy regarding her diet!!!!


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