Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I Love Lucy Pet Foundation

I love Bowl Games!
Bentley: “Hey Pierre!  Have you shopped for the big game day treats?  I don’t want to be all geared up for the game and there not be snacks.  Those cookies from my birthday would be good in the shape of a football.”
Pierre: “Yep!  I’m ready to cheer on the Tigers to the National Championship!  WooHoo!  LSU!”
*Bentley leans over and whispers into Pierre’s ear.
Pierre: “It's seems that it is not the LSU Tigers playing.  It must be the other bayou team.  Let’s go Saints!  Who dat?  Drew Brees is dat!  WooHoo!”
*Bentley leans over and once again whispers into Pierre’s ear.
Pierre: “Okay, so it's not the Saints either.  Maybe next year guys.  Until then; Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar all for Team Dog stand up and howler!  WooHoo!  Cats don’t drool, dogs RULE! 
Bentley: “Now that's the spirit!  We are getting ready for what could be the best
Woo Hoo! Go Team Dog!
Bowl Commercial of 2015.  It’s airing on the Hallmark’s Kitten Bowl.  Rumor has it that this commercial will change the way America looks at cats and dogs forever.
Pierre: I can only imagine.  The one and only Sam Nicholson directed it.  Since you aren’t as big of a movie buff as I am, he is one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed visual effects Wizards.  Remember watching Heroes, 24, and Star Trek 1?  Yep, that was him.  I’d mention watching The Walking Dead, but you had your eyes covered with your ears through the whole show.”  *snicker
Bentley: The Lucy Pet Foundation’s #DogsvsCats football game commercial on Super Bowl Sunday will be groundbreaking.  It is going to feature the most high-tech CGI or Computer Generated Imagery ever done using animals.  You can be sure it will be all the talk at work on Monday.  Well, you know for humans that have to work.”
Pierre: “I know it will be a lot of fun, but it serves a greater purpose.  The commercial will draw attention to the 80,000 pets euthanized each week in shelters across the U.S. due to overpopulation.  That’s some seriously sad numbers.  Lucky for all of us, The Lucy Foundation has some fantastic ideas for helping to solve the overpopulation problem.  It is really more than a problem; it’s a tragedy.  I am NOT saying that the commercial is going to be a downer.  It is definitely going to be a good time!”
Bentley: “That’s for sure; it is going to be a hoot!  I think the multi-targeted solution that the Lucy Pet Foundation proposes is very doable.  Offer free and low cost mobile spay/neuter clinics across the country.  Eventually, these operations will all be free!  Education is a cornerstone to any successful movement and this is no exception.  That education wouldn’t end with people.  Training shelter pets will make them more desirable.  Teaching dog and cat grooming techniques to shelter volunteers will allow them to make the pets more adoptable.”
Pierre: “That is a wonderful plan!  They are also working to enact legislation benefitting pets, including banning gas chambers at shelters.  Here at Barking from the Bayou, we are for a no-kill nation.  The idea that gas chambers are still being used is barbaric.”  *shuddering whimper
Bentley: “How can that even be an option?  I can hardly wait to see the stars of the commercial.  Rickey the cat along with Jack and Cooper the dogs are all rescues!  I’m telling all of my friends and family to tune in for the Kitten Bowl.  They don’t want to miss the Dogs vs. Cats commercial.  Hey, friends…watch the Lucy Pet Foundation commercial on Sunday, February 1, 2015.  It airs on the Hallmark Channel at 12/1:00 CT.”
Pierre: “Don’t forget the treats!”

This post is our effort to raise awareness of the Lucy Pet Foundation and their mission.  I received no compensation for this post; however it is part one of a two-part series.  Barking from the Bayou will be entered for a chance to win $500 for the 501c3 rescue of our choice.  (HSNWLA)  If you are a blogger interested in entering this contest for a chance to earn a donation for your favorite rescue, contact bloggers@lucypetfoundation.org for more information.  As always, we only share information that we feel is important and beneficial to our readers.

Our Tuesdays are special, because we join Dogz ‘n Pawz and Talking Dogs as they host Tuesday’s Tails.  This blog hop features shelter pets from around the globe that need forever homes.  Please visit and share these deserving dogs and cats on social media. 


  1. Pierre looks so handsome cheering for team dog!! Also, the CGI you're looking for is "computer generated imagery" <3 looking forward to the commercial!! :) love y'all

    1. Thanks sweetie. That will be very helpful. ♥ You know Pierre loves watching television, so he will be excited. ☺

  2. that sounds great! and I would like to see that commercial once too :o) hope someone will share it on youtube, that would be fantabulous Go Team Dog :o)
    Easy Rider

  3. Marking my calendar now! Thanks for the heads-up.

  4. Well color me all shades of curious! We always watch the Super Bowl for the commercials anyway!


  5. Oh wow, so cool!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  6. WE love the Puppy and Kitty Bowl thingys... We watch those every year... can't wait.

  7. Bentley, where are you? I was expecting to see you suited up in some football gear???

  8. Offering low cost or no cost spay and neuter clinics is very helpful. I hope the Lucy Foundation can help promote this strategy. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Good info, thanks! We will see if we can check it out. Mom says our TV's don't play sports things!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. What a great foundation! Thanks for sharing the information about it and the up coming event.

  11. We're so excited that Lucy Pet Foundation's going to raise awareness at our Kitten Bowl this year! WOOT!!

  12. We can't wait to see the commercial. I love what this foundation is about, they are really going to do some good for animals.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  13. We can't wait to see the commercial too! Marking our calendar!


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