Thursday, June 25, 2015

Barkworthies Bully Sticks - Naturally Healthy

Bentley: “Hey Pierre, do you see what I see?  There is an envelope from Barkworthies® on the counter.  Their bully sticks are the natural chews and I naturally choose you to try to jump up there.  ”
Pierre: “What? No way!  I’ll do the “Lassie” routine where I go stare at Gramma and then race back in here to the counter.  She is always so impressed with that old standby.”
Bentley: “Hee-hee!  You’re right, Mom is so easy.  I think I’ll use the “stop working and entertain me” method.  If she is busy, she will use the Barkworthies as a distraction.” 
Me: “I can hear y’all.  It just so happens that there are two bully sticks in there.  I wish that I knew two dogs that weren’t manipulative to share them with…”  *Opening envelope
Two Barkworthies Bully Sticks with two dogs

Pierre: “Aww, we were just kidding.  Is that a 6” Odor Free Bully Stick?  OMD!  It’s a double cut.  I really neeeeeed that stick!   Give it to your granddog.  Puh-leeze!”
Bentley: “Mom, you know that when I “hound” you, it is out of pure love.  What you may not know is that Barkworthies has a new logo and a new tagline, “Naturally Healthy, Naturally Happy.”  They both reinforce the brand's ideals and commitment to quality.  We are big fans of natural products.  Now, about that 6” Junior Bully Stick.  I believe that I only smell one single ingredient.”
Me: “Yes, you do.  This Single Ingredient Stick is beef bladder and the Odor Free Double Cut is beef pizzle.  Dogs crave these bully sticks and the ingredient is listed on each tag.  That makes choosing from their over 200 products much easier.  It doesn’t matter if we buy antlers, chews, or treats; Barkworthies never include GMOs, preservatives, hormones, additives, or anything artificial in a single one of them. 
Pierre: “I am a lifelong lover of the Bully Stick.  When I was just a pup, these were my teething sticks.  They have everything a discriminating canine would desire.  They offer over 60 all natural bully sticks products in sizes from 4” all the way up to a 36” cane!  The 6” is a great size for me.”
Bentley: “That is a good size, but remind me to add that 36” Bully Stick to my Christmas list.  It is only six-months away so I need to get started.”
Me: “Before you go adding to your list, did you want your bully stick?”
Westie and Basset receive Barkworthies Bully Sticks

Pierre: “Yes ma’am!  Here don’t bend over, I can get it!  Mmmmmm!
Bentley: “Wow, thank you so much.  This is incredible tasting. I’ve already eaten mine and Pierre is being super savey with his.  I can’t wait until December for more.  Is it okay if I accidentally snatch Pierre’s?  No...  *sigh  Can we celebrate Christmas in July?  I hear it’s an actual thing.”
Me: “We’ll talk about it later.  In the meantime let’s tell our friends where to find Barkworthies.”
Pierre: “Y’all go ahead; I’m hiding my bully stick.”
Bentley: “It just so happens that I sell Barkworthies in Bentley’s Bargains.  It is where you can “Bayou” great pet supplies. You can also find other dealers by clicking here.  This is where to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
*We received two 6” Barkworthies Bully Sticks in exchange for an honest review.  Barking from the Bayou/ only share information on products that we use and feel confident in sharing them with our readers.  This post does contain an affiliate link to Bentley's Bargains and we will receive compensation for any sales. 

Happy Birthday to my amazing brother, A!
I have believed that you “know all”
since this photograph was taken.
Thank you for always believing in me and making me laugh!  
I love you to the moon and back~
Your L'il Sis

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  1. Oh they are super tasty... and I wish I had a brother or a sister to grab their stick after I sent mine to my 7 stomachs :o)
    easy rider

  2. Hey! Those look really good!! Stop by the blog today...Bentley is mentioned!

  3. Happy Birfday to A..
    OMD Bully Sticks are GRAND thingys .... and an ODOR free one would cause our PEEPS to think so also.

  4. Oh boys....Bully Sticks are some of my favorite treats! I love them and it looks like you do too!

  5. Looks like the boys gave their paws of approval! :)

  6. Mom might let us have one of these if it is Odor free!!! She is a wimp and can't handle the stinky ones!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. Bully sticks are a perpetual favorite. Good dogs!

  8. Oh my huskies lovvvvvvvvvvve Bully sticks!!!
    Happy Birthday to your bro!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  9. My dogs would love these.

    Earl once swallowed a whole one as a young dog, and luckily it passed through. This scared us into never buying them again!...

  10. We are not allowed bully sticks cause we try to swallow them
    Lily & Edward

  11. odor free sounds pretty good - those bully sticks can get a bit stinky after they have been slobbered on a bit

  12. Lucky boys! We love bully sticks! Enjoy!

  13. Yum yum! Those look super delicious!

  14. Wow, they look really nummy you guys!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  15. I bet Kilo would love those. He really relaxes chewing on smelly yummy Bully sticks. I think he'd like Christmas in July too LOL X Susie

  16. Bentley is very funny! "Don't mean to hound you"! Hope the bullysticks were great.

  17. Thanks so much, you are the BEST L'il Sis a big brother could have. You fill me with love, admiration, and pride.

  18. Toby got a bully stick in a BarkBox once. It didn't last long- he took it out back and stood guard over it for a few minutes before he sat down to eat it. I know he would like these!

  19. Looks like a treat they really enjoy!

  20. Oh, I do loves my Bully Sticks!!! Though I'm a big doggie, I likes the smaller ones. Ma thinks I"m weird, butts the dog wants, what the dog wants, right? ☺
    Ruby ♥

  21. You know my gang hasn't had a bully stick yet, we even sell them at our clinic. lol


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