Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Discover An Oracle for Your Pet

Dr. Harvey's Grain-Free Oracle Dog Food

Me: “I love Dr. Harvey’s Oracle Freeze-Dried Foods for dogs and cats. It is not like any other food you have experienced. My friends at Dr. Harvey’s have created a complete food with carefully selected proteins, the finest quality ingredients and it is made here in the U.S.A. The best thing about Oracle is how simple it is to feed the Bayou Boys a homemade raw diet. They think I work hard preparing them an ideal blend of fresh high-quality meats, fresh veggies, delicious fruits, vitamins and essential nutrients. Don’t tell them but all I have to do is add water!”
Dr. Harvey's Oracle bag, food in a bowl and water.
Bentley: “Mom, you can’t fool this Basset Hound when it comes to Dr. Harvey’s. If it is time to eat and you aren’t cooking us some type of meat for Veg-to-Bowl or Canine Health, then I know immediately that it is Oracle! Everything you need to make a scrumptious meal is already in the bag. Fresh meat is the #1 ingredient in every recipe of Oracle or Oracle Grain-Free. We like to rotate between the beef, chicken and fish so that we never get bored.”
Bentley Basset supervising mixing of Oracle dog food
Me: “I should have known that you knew what was going on since you watch every move I make when it comes to your food. What you might not know is that Oracle is the most bio-diverse dog food available. It exceeds the AAFCO Standards (Association of American Feed Control Officials) and is perfect for every stage of your life. The difference in your overall health and energy level is obvious with Dr. Harvey’s.”
Bentley: “It's called supervising. Now that you’ve added the water and stirred it, I set the timer for 10 minutes. This is really the longest 600 seconds of the day! Can you smell the fruit? Nah, your nose can’t pick up on the awesome aromas of bananas, apples, cranberries, blueberries and coconut. Is it 10 minutes yet?! I've got my snood on so I'm ready!”
Pierre Westie and Bentley Basset are waiting to eat their Dr. Harvey's Oracle
Pierre: “Is it time to eat? I’m famished and hold on…is it Oracle day? YES!!! Not only is this excellent for supporting healthy skin, bones, vision, digestion and our kidney function but it is totally drool-worthy.”
Me: “We try to keep chemicals out of your systems as much as possible. That is another reason to love Dr. Harvey’s. You will never find chemicals, preservatives, additives, fillers or by-products in their products. They don’t add salt, sugar or wheat either. It is perfect just like it is.”

Bentley: “Did you mention the new permanent lower prices? Our friends will be glad to know that and they can use our ambassador code to save an additional 10%. It’d be great to be able to do something more.”
Pierre: “Why don’t we have a giveaway? Dr. Harvey’s will send 3 lucky readers a 3 lb. bag of their choice of Oracle! All you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter below. That goes for our cat friends too! How cool is that?”
Bentley: “That is super cool. Can we eat now?”  
Legal Jazz: Barking from the Bayou is giving away three 3 lbs. bags of Dr. Harvey's Oracle for dogs or cats. There is no purchase necessary to enter. This contest is void where prohibited by law. Entrants must be U.S. residents age 18+. Prizes are valued between $38-$45 and will be delivered through Dr. Harvey's. Winners have 48 hours to claim their prize or forfeit and another winner will be chosen.


  1. Oh this sounds awesome!!! Hope you guys have a fabulous rest of your week!

  2. what a tasty review, sadly zooplus has no freeze-dried food, but we will look for another store who maybe has it :o)

  3. I would love to give the beef a try! By the way...how did my Beco Spork get into your food bowl? I would recognize it anywhere. Bailie likes to lick it off when Mom is done stirring. Do you boys do that too?

  4. My dogs love chicken and eat raw. I am always looking for a raw food that can be portable to take with us. I will be picking up a bag to try.

  5. I love Oracle! Dr. Harvey's makes some super tasty yet healthy food and treats!
    P.S. We are sorry for being away from the blog for so long. Ma & Daddy-dog went traveling with Habitat and then couldn't get back into daily life for a few days upon their return. We are back now though!

  6. Great giveaway! We would love to win the chicken flavor for cats.

  7. What a cute post of you guys waiting for your yummy new food
    Lily & Edward

  8. Oooh, we love freeze dried treats and will have to try out the Dr. Harvey's!

  9. My pups love Dr. Harvey's power pops and the salmon oil health&shine capsules:) I'm sure they would love to try Oracle. All the flavors sound great. I would choose the grain free fish recipe for my pups.

  10. This seems like a really great way to give raw a try. The crew loves fish so that would be their choice!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  11. Excellent review. We could ALMOST taste it through the computer!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. You make it sound so delicious! We would choose either the beef or the fish!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  13. My pups love Dr Harveys they usually get Veg To Bowl mixed in with ground turkey, beef stew meat, and sometimes goat. They have haf Oracle tripe when it was an option but they would love to try beef oracle recipe.

  14. I love the "freeze-dried" aspect, as I understand that freeze-dried has a potentially extremely long shelf life, which would be fabulous for food storage.

  15. We've always wanted to try this - thanks for hosting the giveaway!

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  17. I would love to try all the flavors, but would start with the fish.....Gavin is doing incredibly well on Canine Health and Chief has allergies so I believe the fish would be best WE LOVE all Dr. Harvey's products!

  18. Sounds delicious and very healthy!! My dogs would love to try the grain-free chicken.

  19. I would love to try the chicken Oracle for my recently adopted, elderly Chihuahua!

    1. Updated...if I should win one of the giveaway bags, I need it to be the GRAIN FREE chicken please!

  20. OH Bentley you know when you sit like that I think you're the cutest thing ever!

  21. We would love to try a different freeze dried food!

  22. I would try the chicken and beef.

  23. OMD, that food looks DELISH!!! I LOVES freeze dried foodables!!! I would want the beefy one if I would be so lucky to win this most delectable lookin' food! (too much??? ☺)
    Anyhu, LOVED the Newscast!! Another fine job, and your sweetie is mighty talented dude!
    Ruby ♥


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