Wednesday, September 19, 2018

In Search of Booty

   Avast ye mateys! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day and the Bayou Buccaneers have a yarn to spin so let’s weigh anchor and hoist the Jolly Roger!
Cap’n Bentley Basset: “Blimey, First Mate Pierre! Did ye bring our treasure map? We shan’t be finding no golden doubloons or pieces of eight without a proper pirate’s map.”
First Mate Pierre Westie: Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Ye cut me to the quick, scallywag. Do ye take me for some landlubber? This salty ol’ seadog never set sails until everything is shipshape and that includes having our top-secret treasure map.”
Cap’n Bentley: “Aye, bucko! Let’s batten down the hatches in case the bayou gets rough. I’ll man the crow’s nest and try to find where the map leads us. Keep an eye out for pillagers cuz these be dangerous waters ye are navigating.”
First Mate Pierre: “Yo ho ho! Ye tail is better than a weathervane at showing wind direction. Keep it up and we will be giving buried treasure the heave-ho by nightfall.”
Cap’n Bentley: “Hey diddly-dee a pirate’s life for me! Feast ye eyes on this booty. There be nothing better than a BIG BOOTY in me opinion.”
First Mate Pierre: “Aye, ye did good, lad. Once we come ashore, ye must help me bury our riches in the yard. I’m thinking of changing me name to White Beard. It has a real pirate vibe, don’t ye think?”
Cap’n Bentley: “Ye make a mighty fine White Beard but what makes ye think the lassies will believe we be pirates?”
Pierre: “Cuz we say we ARRRRR! Plus, we have the loot. Lassies love loot!”   

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  1. LLL lassies love loot? we will remember that... AWWWHOY!

  2. Arrr, that it is one fine map ye have there. Can I borrow it as I lost mine! You sure arrrr right about lasses loving loot, and I have a wardrobe and a housekeeper to support so needs all the booty, bounty and cream I can lays me paws on, Arrrr
    Have a great day pirating, and love the adventure!
    Captain ERin, scourge of fridges across the seas!

  3. Bentley, that first picture had us laughing out loud☺ Love your tale!

  4. What a great shot of you guys in the crows nest!
    And treasure!.!?
    Arhhhggg! Me maties!

  5. Arrrrrr! This pirate wench says take me to th' loot! Happy Meow Like a Pirate Day!

  6. You all must have been pirates in another life, you have the talk mastered.

  7. Well shiver me timbers! Looks like you lads are having a great time!

  8. you were looking for booty? You could have found it here! My Mom has a HUGE booty!!!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  9. Arrr Pirates! Aye, 'White Beard' be a fine name - one that will be echoed across the seas and will be in all the pirating tales! Cap'n Bentley, do ye spy a blow hole from the crow's nest? I 'ear there's a whale as big as yer ship that likes biscuits. -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

  10. I must confess to giggling a wee bit. MY word Bentley and Pierre you two need to wear your hat and scarf all the time...they are so you.
    Hugs Cecilia aka Madi's Mom

  11. Ahoy mateys! What fine pirates ye be! Will ye share yer treasur wit' us??

  12. Do we really have to walk the plank? Some of us don't like to get wet. :)

  13. You are really cool pirates ! Happy Meow Like a Pirate Day ! Purrs

  14. Ahoy Mateys! Ya both make for a couple fine lookin' Pirates!
    Me crew and me is off to find our buried treasure!

    Meet ya at da Inn for some Grog later?
    Captain Aaaaarrrrgggty and his mates Queen Rosy da Rebel and One Eared Jakey

  15. Just how much loot do you pirates have Aye?
    Pugwench ladies
    Hazel & Mabel

  16. BOL!
    Shiver me timbers it’s Pirate Talk Day already?

    💜nose nudges💜

  17. OMD, you guys crack us up! We hope you found a bounty of booty, Bentley and Pierre! Happy Bark Like a Pirate Day!

  18. OH, I think the lassies love you boys whether you have loot or not. :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


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