Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A Totally Grainless Smorgasbord

Barking from the Bayou received Loving Pets Totally Grainless treats in exchange for an honest review. We only share products that we love and believe our readers will enjoy. Loving Pets and Propel Communications are not responsible for the contents of this article.
   The Bayou Boys are huge fans of the Loving Pets® company. They drink their water from a beautiful purple LeBōl bowl and love all the treats they’ve ever sunk their canines into. That is why they were super excited when our new box of Loving Pets Totally Grainless™ goodies arrived for their review. 
Bentley Basset Hound: We received a smorgasbord of delicious treats and all of them are calling my name. Let’s check out our first bag. Oh, Totally Grainless Sausage Bites come in two scrumptious flavors, Chicken & Cranberry Recipe and their Beef Stew Recipe. I’m sniffing the Beef Stew and can hardly wait for a sample. As you can tell I'm mature enough to wait until Mom offers me one."
Bentley: “Thank you! I am trying to show a certain someone how to properly model with a treat. As you can see, I used all my willpower not to snatch this treat from Mom’s hand. I’m a professional influencer, you know.”  
Pierre Westie: “Are you mocking me? Dude, I tried to wait for the camera, but the smell of 100% real beef, carrots and peas were too much for this guy. I snatched mine and devoured it. I feel no remorse.”
Bentley: “It is hard to be remorseful when you have a mouthful of Beef Stew Sausage Bites, am I right?”
Pierre: “Let’s turn our attention to these yummy Totally Grainless Meaty Chew Bones. They are made with real chicken and apples for a healthy treat. I love the taste and texture. Loving Pets doesn’t add wheat, gluten, grain, or corn to any of these products. They are also proudly made here in the U.S.A.
   I think you can tell by this photo that I am the professional in the family. Notice how I hold Mom’s hand steady so she doesn’t blur the photo? It took me years to train her not to move."
Bentley: “Okay, let me explain this photo. I was prepared to remain calm and posed like a pro but then Mom brought out the Totally Grainless Dental Care treats. No dog can be expected to stay calm when faced with a 100% Real Chicken and Peanut Butter dental chew. Believe me, they are wooftastic!
   We also have the Chicken with Mint flavor. It is just as tasty. These chews come in a small size and a med/lg. size for dogs 16 lbs. or over. Dental health is very important and chewing one of these each day can help your teeth and breath!”
Pierre: “Take it from us, your dog or cat would love anything from Loving Pets in their stocking this Christmas morning. You can follow Loving Pets on Facebook and Twitter for exciting updates, fun trivia, and contests. Just tell them the Bayou Boys sent you.”
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  1. oh that looks tasty... we have two drooling pups now and a crazy mama who sings Smörgåsbord Smörgåsbord rØm tØm tØm tØm ;O)

  2. Those sound good. I know Bailie would like them, but me being the food snob, you just never know. Enjoy, and always be gentle with a mom's fingers.

  3. I was thrilled to hear on the news that by early next year one of the (Pet Smart I think) major pet stores will not longer be selling dog or cat food with additives. Finally the real deal
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. I can see that you are both seasoned pros when it comes to treats and how to pose with them! MOL But hat really matters is how they taste, and whats in them. No grain is a real WINNER in my book, plus they clearly have all the taste too. No if only they did mouse flavour!
    Toodle pips and purrs

  5. They look so yummy! We are off to check out their website!

  6. We feel no remorse is our motto too.

  7. Well, we're glad to see you're not totally perfect, Bentley!! :) I don't think we've ever tried anything from this brand, we'll have to see about getting some, maybe for Luke's stocking like you suggested. :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  8. You have convinced us that these must be really yummy!
    Hazel & Mabel

  9. Oh my! I'll bet you don't even know you're getting your teeth brushed with flavors like those.


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