Friday, November 30, 2018

How to Help Your Squeak-oholic Destuffing Dog

   As you know, most self-help groups keep their meetings private. The Bayou Boys wanted to share their recent testimonials in hopes that it will help fellow dogs.  
Bentley: “Hello, my name is Bentley and I’m a squeak-oholic. I love the shrill sound of squeaking when I sink my teeth into a toy. The problem started when I was a pup and has continued for almost 11 years.
   I know the noise drives my mom and dad crazy but once I get started, I cannot control myself. I will walk through the house squeaking non-stop. It feels so good and the sound fills me with happy vibes. You can’t fault a fellow for that, can you? I need help.”
Group Leader (Mom): “Thank you for sharing. I have the perfect solution for you and it doesn’t involve going cold turkey on squeaking. That would be too much for you. Check out this new Hear Doggy! ultrasonic toy.
   Dogs hear sounds at a much higher frequency than humans. This adorable alligator has a patented squeaker that is tuned to an ultrasonic frequency. That means you can hear it and enjoy your constant squeaking and we won’t hear a peep.”
Bentley: “I can’t hear you, too busy squeaking! I love my gator and will call him Al. Hear Doggy! has saved me!”
Pierre: “Hello, my name is Pierre and I am a stuffy killer. It started when I got my first plush toy as a pup. The urge to rip and chew was overwhelming. I knew I’d hit rock bottom when I destuffed my brand-new bed at the innocent age of 7 months. There is a long line of toys with missing arms, ears and tails. I love playing rough but I don’t mean to hurt them. I need help.”
Group Leader (Mom): “We all thank you for sharing your story. There is no doubt that you are a good boy and don’t mean to pull the stuffing out of your toys.
   I’m happy to tell you the same Hear Doggy! alligator that Bentley is playing with is also perfect for you. It is a flattie which means the body doesn’t have any stuffing. It has a soft plush head but features Chew Guard Technology™ that adds a super tough liner and has reinforced seams. Al Gator is strong enough to stand up to even a serial destuffer like you.”
Pierre: “This could be a real game-changer. I can imagine living a great life free from the ugly memories of stuffing skittering across the floor. Besides, living here on the bayou I’ve always wanted to wrestle an alligator!
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  1. oh really? Al is strong enough to survive? wow! maybe therefore he often is on polo shirts too?

  2. My mom loves to hear and see Bailie running around like a little puppy squeaking a toy. She doesn't do much damage to them anymore either. One area of life where she may have matured! Enjoy your new toys, boys. Me...I don't get into squeakers or toys very much.

  3. That alligator looks like a great toy and I love his color!

  4. I have yet to meet an indestructible squeaky toy! The squeaker is the first part I remove, followed by the stuffing. But after that, the toy is perfect and I love it forever.

  5. As soon as the squeaker is gone the toy is dead to my guys.

  6. Bravo Bentley and Pierre...the best way to fix a 'problem'(if you are so inclined) is to admit it. Check Check!
    Hello my is Cecilia
    I talk too much and adore coffee and chocolate and I am not inclined to correct either problem.

  7. I need to get my niece's dog one of these :)

  8. OMD, I gots one of these! I gots the Beaver!! I am like you Bentley...I loooooves to squeak!!! I play with my Beaver, butts I likes the feel of a tennyball (squeaky, of course) thinks they will ever come up with one of those???? I would like to put in my request please! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  9. What is it with doggies and squeakies and destuffing toys anyway?! I need to enroll Bessie into your program, 'cause she needs to come clean with her "obsessions." which are the same ones that you both describe. Tee hee hee. I think Sandy Paws needs to bring her one of those gators for xmas. Hugs.

  10. I am late catching up with the PetParade, sorry everyone!

    Your post had me in fits, honestly. You dogs!!!!

  11. This sounds like a wonderful toy and serves both of your obsessions! Pawsome
    Hazel & Mabel

  12. Hmm, we think Marcus can use a dozen of those. He's both a squeaker and a de-stuffer!

  13. Phew, we are so glad you boys found some help, so you can still have fun without doing any harm! :)
    Jan and the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets

  14. We know some de-stuffers and se-squeakers. This toy sounds great for them!

  15. Those toys sound great : strong AND silent for humans ! Jackpot ! Purrs


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